MIAF would like to extend a massive heartfelt thank you to our wonderful friends, colleagues, followers & strangers with a love for the spotty monster, who have joined the MIAF team to support the Saving Grendel project over the last month. Running a crowdfunding campaign is quite a full-on endeavour(!!) we’ve discovered, but also an extremely rewarding & humbling experience. We’ll keep everyone up to date with the process from here, & Pozible supporters will hear from us soon re receiving rewards etc. As you can imagine, we’re right in the thick of getting the festival together, so please be patient!

The image is the sensational postcard Pozible supporters will get. Artwork was specially scanned and cleaned by Alex & trustingly handed over to us to make a postcard for this project – a golden moment in itself!

With giant leaping squealing exciteable good wishes to all,
Helen & Malcolm & Grendel



You still have time to support this very special Grendel project. We would love to encourage you to keep pledging until the end (finishes about noon) – as we have some extra transfer/screening expenses to cover and we would of course really really love to tour Grendel – we promise absolutely nothing will go to waste. So jump on board at and become a part of animation history with us!

Crack open the champers!


WOW! WOW!!! With the amazing help from everyone involved, the Grendel Pozible campaign has officially reached our goal!! How side-splittingly exciting… the whole neighbourhood could hear our squeals!

Now folks, the Pozible crowdfunding project doesn’t finish until about 11am on Saturday morning, so there’s still time to pledge through Pozible and become part of the very special Grendel team.

Some of our expenses have unfortunately increased since our first quote, and of course we would love to see ‘Grendel Grendel Grendel’ visit some other big screens (we already have a couple of film festivals interested) – so any extra funds will absolutely not be squandered – we promise. There are lots of hidden costs with something like this, and the more help we receive, the more Grendel will be looked after.

Here’s an enormous thank you to the Noble Heroes (there’s still one left!!), One-Eyed Arthurs (coming in thick n fast – let’s make a whole city of them!!), Beowulfs & Dragons & Monsters, Grendels & Abracadabras, Kings & Queens, Fang & Claws and all those no reward pledges and wonderful anonymous friends – Hats off to: Michael Hirsh, Jody Cleaver, Robert Stephenson, Sean Callinan, Shevaun Oneill, Lizzie White, Anya Ow, Lucky Dog (Lucky indeed – you got us over the $8000 mark!!), Sean Parker, Fiona Beckworth, Lo-ren, Lea Wearne, Ruth Siems, John Mackay, Chris Edser, Cliff Restarick, 1bdesign, Rex Callahan, Chris Pahlow, Don & Joan McDonald, David L L Greening, Damian Smart, Ian Gibbins (thanks bro!!), Alex Stitt (another tremendous man who just happens to have the same name!!), Donald Mark Percy, Ian Burch, Pat Grainger, XYZ Studios, the remarkable Moggs Moving Clickers.

Half way celebration!


On this beautiful sunny Melbourne Autumn morning, we’re having a little Grendel sing, because Paolo Polesello, Steph Brotchie, Jane Shadbolt, Charisse Clarke, Jeanette Fry, Michael Hunt, Hilary Dixon, Andi Spark, Hamish Koci, Philip T Webster, Emma De Vos, Jonathan Cecil, Ian McKenzie, Rosalie Osman, Dawn Garbis, Adriana de Toffoli & many a wonderful anonymous soul, have taken the Pozible project over the 1/2 way mark! AND… we officially have our 2nd DEMIGOD!

Here’s part of a song from the film ‘Grendel Grendel Grendel’ for y’all to sing along with us!

An amicable monster,
Beloved of one and all.
We listen as his gentle tap
Demolishes the wall-o
Demolishes the wall.
An entertaining monster.
An asset at a ball.
He rhumbas quite adroitly -
With a tendency to maul, though,
A tendency to maul.
A gentlemanly monster,
Perhaps a trifle tall.
Removal of a foot or two
May benefit us all-o
May benefit us all.



It’s been a very fine day with the Pozible launch kicking off at midday, and nearly $1000 pledged in the first four hours. A huge thank you Jilli Rose, Fiona Dalwood, Michael Blake, Wendy Fleetwood, Alena Schulz & 2 wonderful anonymous folk for getting us there. It’s all very exciting, and we can’t wait to share updates with you.


The BIG launch is tomorrow @ noon




The ‘Gods & Monsters: Saving Grendel’ Pozible crowdfunding campaign starts tomorrow – 1 May @ noon and runs til 1 June.

Heaps of information is up, the rewards are sparkling, and Grendel is beginning to stir with monster yawns & stretches from his deep slumber!

You will LOVE the names we’ve plucked from Alex’s version of Grendel for our Reward Packs, which are brimming with brilliant goodies to express our thanks for working with us to make this happen!

$50 THE GRENDEL PACK (includes screening)
$52 THE ABRACADABRA PACK (includes screening)
$100 THE DRAGON PACK (includes screenings)
$150 THE FANG & CLAW PACK (includes screenings)
$250 THE HAUGHTY PRINCE PACK (includes screenings)
$500 THE KING & QUEEN PACK (includes screenings)
$1000 DEMIGOD PACK (includes screenings)

The video – ta-da!

A HUGE heart-felt thank you to Fiona Dalwood ( for making this video. Her sensational film ‘Good Grief’ ( will screen during MIAF13 in the Australian Showcase, Saturday 29 June @ 4pm.

Pozible crowdfunding campaign : video shenanigans

I do believe that's a pair of the infamous 'Abragoggles' in young Malcolm's hands!!... but more about that later...

Is that a pair of the infamous ‘Abragoggles’ in young Malcolm’s hands?!

Proof that you don't need shoes to launch a Pozible campaign!

Proof that you don’t need shoes to launch a Pozible campaign!

It feels like we’re officially on our way folks – how exciting!! We had a heap of fun with the amazing Fiona Dalwood (her film Good Grief will be screening in this year’s Australian Showcase!) who filmed our video for the 1st May launch of our Pozible crowdfunding project – a HUGE thank you Fiona.

Head to ‘The Fundraiser‘  tab on the menu for full details – but in a nutshell, Grendel Fund is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to create a fundraising project to ensure the preservation of an important part of Australian animation history – to digitise Alex Stitt’s groundbreaking animated feature ‘Grendel Grendel Grendel’.

So stay tuned, because we have some great rewards to offer – such as being immortalised forever!



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